Balloon Sinuplasty/ Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Balloon sinuplasty is an innovative new development in the treatment of patients with recurrent sinusitis or chronic rhinosinusitis. Mr Verma is trained and accredited to perform this surgery, and is able to offer it to his patients at the Nuffield Leeds hospital. He has in fact performed the first procedure of its kind at the Nuffield Leeds hospital, and has undergone advanced training in the technique.

In essence, balloon sinuplasty is a novel means of opening up and widening the natural drainage channels for the sinuses into the nose. The animation below explains how this done.

Balloon sinuplasty is not suitable for every patient with sinusitis and during his clinical consultation and assessment Mr Verma will be able to judge whether this is a technique appropriate for your individual symptoms.

It is a technique that is widely available and utilised in North America, and its inventor has even undergone the procedure himself, as described in the news report below.

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