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Mr Sanjay Verma is widely travelled and was a team member of the Thai Red Cross Rural ENT Camp undertaking a mission to Chiang Mai province, Thailand. In all, over the course of four and a half days, 600 patients were seen and treated.

He is an enthusiastic sportsman and regularly practises cricket and 5-a-side football. An ardent follower of Test Match cricket, Mr Verma retains a lifelong and perhaps misguided devotion to the fortunes of Aston Villa Football Club. Certainly, this season has not been an experience for the faint hearted!

He also maintains a keen interest in the performing arts. Our region is fortunate to be blessed with some world class theatre and performance venues and Mr Verma enjoys regular visits to the theatre, opera and cinema.

In quieter moments he is a keen hill walker, and relaxes by sampling the Yorkshire dales countryside. He lives with his young family in Roundhay, Leeds, and greatly enjoys following the Tour de Yorkshire.

He is a serving member on the ENT UK Committee for Global Humanitarian Activity, and has also served as a committee member for the Yorkshire Indian Society, a charitable and cultural organisation that raises funds for worthy causes in the UK and India. Multilingual, he is proficient in English, Punjabi, Hindi, French, Italian and German.

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Otology (ears, including perforated ear drum repair, cholesteatoma, mastoid surgery, hearing loss and ossiculoplasty, discharging ears, laser stapedectomy for otosclerosis, ear microsuction for ear wax removal); Rhinology (nasal disorders including acute or chronic rhinitis and sinusitis, blocked nose, deviated septum, polyps and septal perforation); Sinus procedures (endoscopic sinus surgery/ FESS, balloon sinuplasty); Rhinoplasty (functional and cosmetic) and Facial Plastics/ skin lesions; Paediatric ENT (tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, grommets for glue ear, cautery for nosebleeds/ epistaxis, tongue tie, pinnaplasty); Neurotology (including tinnitus, dizziness/vertigo, acoustic neuroma, glomus tumours); Laryngology (including swallowing problems); Voice disorders (including vocal cord polyps/ nodules, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR)); Neck lumps; Salivary gland disorders (including submandibular stones or gland enlargement); Allergies; Snoring (Evaluation and advice, Uvuloplasty, UVPPP)

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