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Mr Sanjay Verma is a Consultant ENT surgeon to the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. He specialises in the treatment of adults and children with ear, nose and throat problems.

Trained in national and international centres of excellence

Educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham, he graduated with distinction and the Rolleston scholarship from St.John's College, University of Cambridge, and trained on the Eastern Region ENT Specialist Training Programme. During his training he also spent three years in research following award of the prized Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship.

He is one of a few ENT Consultants to have gained a higher PhD doctorate degree, and was subsequently awarded the prestigious TWJ Foundation Clinical Research Fellowship to Toronto General Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. Mr Verma has also undergone further advanced training at the renowned Causse laser ear clinic in Beziers, France. He publishes extensively in the world literature, instructs on national courses, lectures regularly at international venues, and continues to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Delivering up-to-date expertise

Mr Verma offers a wide range of ENT expertise but has a particular interest in complex ear and nasal problems, endoscopic ear and sinus surgery (including balloon sinuplasty) and children's ENT problems. Clinical lead for the ENT skull base/ acoustic neuroma service at the Leeds General Infirmary he has been responsible for setting up the Implantable Hearing Device/ BAHA multidisciplinary clinic, and the Leeds Joint ENT/Neurology Balance clinic for dizzy patients.

Mr Verma also has a subspecialist interest in rhinology, having helped introduce balloon sinuplasty for patients with chronic rhinosinusitis. He regularly performs cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty and provides treatments for snoring, including laser assisted uvuloplasty. He is also frequently consulted by professional voice users with voice and throat issues.

Mr Verma is a member of the British Society of Otology, the British Rhinology Society, the British Association for Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology, the British Skull Base Society and ENT UK.

Committed to continuing education

Mr Verma has a busy commitment to clinical audit and training of medical students and junior surgeons. He is presently a member on the Regional Training Committee for ENT and Educational Lead for the Head and Neck Directorate, as well as former Clinical Governance Lead for the ENT department at Leeds General Infirmary, responsible for assessing, setting and maintaining high standards of patient care. He has also served as the Royal College of Surgeons Surgical Tutor for the Leeds General Infirmary, which required him to take the lead on managing the curriculum and syllabus requirements for all surgical specialities across the Trust. He is presently a serving member on the ENT UK Committee for Humanitarian Activity.

The Backs, University of Cambridge

The Alma Mater, St. John's College, Cambridge University

Toronto General Hospital

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toront0

The General Infirmary at Leeds

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Otology (ears, including perforated ear drum repair, cholesteatoma, mastoid surgery, hearing loss and ossiculoplasty, discharging ears, laser stapedectomy for otosclerosis, ear microsuction for ear wax removal); Rhinology (nasal disorders including acute or chronic rhinitis and sinusitis, blocked nose, deviated septum, polyps and septal perforation); Sinus procedures (endoscopic sinus surgery/ FESS, balloon sinuplasty); Rhinoplasty (functional and cosmetic) and Facial Plastics/ skin lesions; Paediatric ENT (tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, grommets for glue ear, cautery for nosebleeds/ epistaxis, tongue tie, pinnaplasty); Neurotology (including tinnitus, dizziness/vertigo, acoustic neuroma, glomus tumours); Laryngology (including swallowing problems); Voice disorders (including vocal cord polyps/ nodules, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR)); Neck lumps; Salivary gland disorders (including submandibular stones or gland enlargement); Allergies; Snoring (Evaluation and advice, Uvuloplasty, UVPPP)

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